A new report from independent research firm OpenSignal indicates a sudden surge in time spent of PH smartphones users on WiFi. The research aims to provide data to telecom providers, as well as the governments on the time of the COVID-19 crisis.

As seen on the table below, the Philippines has the highest increase on on WiFi from March 16 to 22 among other Asian countries.

The time spent on WiFi in the country increased by 13.4% from 55.8% in the first week of March to 63.3% a week after. This increase happened at the same time the government implemented an enhanced community quarantine in the Luzon island.



The change in WiFi usage indicates that more and more people are staying at home. For most times, people only spend time at home usually on weekends or holidays. An increase even on weekdays shows that people are likely staying at home instead of going out.


Other countries in Asia such as Malaysia, which is also on lockdown showed significant increase in the on WiFi usage. Meanwhile, places such as South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong had a decline. In addition, Spain had the highest week-on-week change in Europe. The US, on the other hand, also showed an increase.

Source: OpenSignal

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