4G LTE, the current standard in wireless communication, is slowly improving in the country. Based on a study conducted by OpenSignal, the average LTE speed in the Philippines is now 8.59Mbps. This new figure is slightly better than last November 3016’s 7.27Mbps.

Despite the slight improvement, we are still on the bottom list. Out of the 75 countries listed on the report, the Philippines is at the 71st place — beating countries like India (6.39Mbps), Saudi Arabia (5.97Mbps), and Costa Rica at (5.14Mbps).

Sitting at the top spot are some familiar names. Both Singapore and South Korea dominated the list with average LTE speeds of 45.62Mbps and 43.46Mbps, respectively.

Singaporeans might have beaten the Koreans on this list, but they almost fell out of the top 10 list in the Akamai Internet connection speed survey. Other than the problem in speeds, the 4G LTE availability in the country is also one of the worse. The Philippines took the 72nd spot with only 52.77% of LTE coverage.

However, the current survey result has seen quite an improvement from the 44.8% coverage recorded last November 2016.

Of course, South Korea still tops the list by covering almost the entire country at 96.38% LTE availability. On the other hand, Japan stole the 2nd spot with 93.48% of LTE availability.

OpenSignal used 19,556,514,365 datapoints that were gathered from 558.260 users from January 1st up to March 31st of 2017.

Via: GMA News

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