Internet Speed in the Philippines

Akamai, an internet monitoring firm, surveyed countries to check their average internet connection speed last Q4 of 2016. As a result, the firm was able to determine which countries have the fastest and slowest connection.

Unsurprisingly, South Korea led the top ten list. The country has the highest average speed of 29Mbps in the last quarter of 2016 and they’ve been at it for the last couple of years. They were able to beat Norway by a substantial margin, who has an average speed of 23.6Mbps.

Sweden follows Norway on the top list with a score of 22.8Mbps. Both the people from Switzerland and Denmark enjoys an average speed of 21.2MBps and 20.7Mbps, respectively. Finland scored 20.6Mbps while Singapore is rated at 20.2Mbps. Japan and the Netherlands filled the top 9 and 10 spots.

What’s really ironic about this list is, the US wasn’t able to make the cut in the top 10. Other than being a first world country, they were actually the ones who invented the internet. Despite having a 7.7% improvement from the prior quarter of the survey, they only have an average speed of 15.3Mbps.

On the other hand, the Philippines has the slowest average connection speed based on the survey. With a shabby score of only 4.5Mbps, we’re just below India who has an average speed of 5.6Mbps.

On a lighter note, the current Philippine president already expressed his desire in improving the internet speeds in the country. A lot of major Internet Service Providers have already responded to the president’s call, but improving the infrastructure is a long process. For now, we don’t have any choice but to wait and see.

Source: Akamai Via: Inquirer

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