Addressing on what appears to be a missed feature for all message apps and the problem attributed to neglectful users who forget to send out message on time, Scheduled is a third-party program that is true to its name in what it does: it lets users schedule any form of message to be sent at a more appropriate time than the present.

Developed by third-party developers nearby Amsterdam, the app is currently only available for iPhone and can be downloaded freely at the Apple Store.

Although by description, Scheduled may be the answer to many people’s rather common problems in sending messages on time, Apple’s rules placed restriction towards the app’s supposed capabilities, in that, the messages scheduled for later rollout do not really do so automatically—at least, it could not, as per imposition of the aforementioned rule.

How to schedule emails, calls, and text messages on iPhone - NoypiGeeks

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As a workaround to this problem, the developers instead designed an algorithm where the app, due to its imposed limitation, will remind the user of any pending messages that require sending at a future time. Not just on iPhone’s stock messaging (iMessage) alone but also on other messaging systems like WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, among others.

In addition to the mentioned, the exclusive iPhone app can also operate under emails and calls to remind the user of any looming messages need sending out via either of these two chosen routes.

While the application in subject is indeed free to download from the Apple Store, it is also worth noting that the free version contains restrictions that can be unlocked when users choose to buy the app instead for only $0.99 as an in-app purchase.

Although it might sound that the developers behind Scheduled are revolutionary thinkers who come up with something unique and innovative, this is not actually the first application of its kind. But to its merit, it is nonetheless among those good-looking apps in its own category.

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