Ookla, the folks behind Speedtest.net, revealed that the Philippines’ fixed broadband internet speed has improved as it climbed up in its global rankings.

In its report for January, the Philippines was up three places at the 100th spot. But in February, it was up by 8 spots at number 92.

The average download speed has increased to 38.6Mbps. That’s a 17.51% increase from the average speed of 32.73Mbps in February and a whopping 386.22% improvement over the 7.91Mbps back in July 2016.

Other than fixed broadband, the Philippines’ mobile internet speed has also improved. Back in January, the Philippines was up 10 spots, placing it at number 86. But in February, it was up three places more at 83.

The Philippines’ average mobile internet speed was 25.77Mbps in January, which has slightly improved to 26.24Mbps a month after. Albeit, it’s still a 252.68% jump from where we were back in July 2016 (7.44Mbps).

As per DICT, they will continue to work with related government agencies to help telcos and ISPs speed up permitting requirements to help create more cell towers.

In July 2020, the government had made it easier for companies to acquire permits to build cell towers.

As a result, DICT boasted that there were 3,211 new towers built from July 2020 to January 2021.

Via: Manila Bulletin

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