Research firm OpenSignal reported that the online video experience in the Philippines has greatly improved in the last few years.

Video Experience is quantified by the quality of videos streamed on mobile devices with the two big operators in the country — Smart and Globe.


From Q3 of 2018 to Q1 of 2020 (the last quarter before the pandemic), OpenSignal saw a growth of 29.5% in Filipino’s video experience. That’s 35.8/100 points from Q3 2018 to the 46.4/100 score of Q1 2020.

The Q1 2020 score is considered Fair, a term that can still be used during the succeeding quarters of the same year when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. This goes to show that operators are still doing their best to ensure the reliability of their services for video streaming.

Taking a look at the numbers per operator, Smart still has the lead over Globe in terms of providing better video experience. During the Q1 2020, Smart scored 53.5 points, while Globe settles for 40.9.

Although, between Q3 of 2018 to Q1 of 2020, Globe did improve by 40.1% while the competition is only up by 26.3%, giving it a chance to cope up with Smart.

Latency Experience in the Philippines has also improved. Bear in mind that the lower the number, the better, as it gauges the amount of time a user connects to the operator’s network.

From Q3 2018 (75.4ms) to July of 2020 (60.6ms) the latency has dropped by -19.6%.



At the operator level, Globe dominates as its latency dropped by 20.6% during the Q3 2018-Q1 2020 period, while Smart users experienced a modest drop of 17.2%. Although, when the pandemic arrived, Globe’s latency is starting to get worse, while Smart’s starts to improve.


In general, OpenSignal previously reported that download speeds and 4G availability have improved in the country. Another firm also suggests that fixed internet speeds are also better today.

Source: OpenSignal

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