We may not have the fastest internet connection, but at least the Philippines is one of the least restricted internet in the world.

PH is in 9th place on the top 10 list of countries with the least internet restrictions with a score of 5.13/10. The Philippines got a 65/100 score in terms of internet freedom and 5/11 censorship score.

Countries with the least internet restrictions

These figures came from the study conducted by Proxyrack, which analyzed internet censorship, freedom, the number of users online per 100,000 people, and social media restriction to see which countries have the least and most internet restrictions.

The United Kingdom is apparently the least restricted country in the world with a score of only 0.26/10. It scored marginally better than Germany, the second placer, which scored 0.40.


Countries with the most internet restrictions

To no one’s surprise, China is the most internet-restricted country in the world with a censorship score of 11/11, an internet freedom score of 10, and 2 social media restrictions.

Source: Proxyrack

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  1. This means that proxy providers or VPN providers in these countries are worth their weight in gold. Surely many users use this to gain access to the program or web products