Are you checking the status of your PhilSys National ID only to get a “Not Found” alert? Here’s what it means.

The said notice comes out when checking the delivery status of your National ID. If you’re not familiar with the process, here’s a full guide on how to track the delivery of your National ID.

While some got concrete information on the status of their National ID or where it is currently in the delivery process, some apparently received a “Not Found” error.

After the people’s clamor, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), the folks behind the Philippine National ID, have provided us with an explanation.


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Why your National ID status is “Not Found”

According to the PSA, you might be getting the Not Found status because your National ID or PhilID card is yet to be dispatched by the Post Office, the agency that’s handling the delivery of all PhilSys ID cards. The PSA highlighted that getting the Not Found status doesn’t mean that your PhilID card went missing.

But if you’re still worried and have further questions, you can reach the PSA through this link, via email at, or by calling the PhilSys hotline #1388.

That said, if your ID card is still far ahead, PSA now allows you to get a printed and digital copy (ePhilID). PSA said that holders of the digital copy can still enjoy the same benefits as owning the physical card.

By early 2023, the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is planning to release a mobile app for PhilSys.

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