Two industry leaders, PLDT and Cisco, are making a partnership to bring 5G mobile internet to a higher degree in the Philippines. The tie-up will see PLDT’s 5G TechoLab in Makati City as its center, which will be a host to the 5G SA service.

With Cisco’s 5G SA Solution as strong support, the project will allow PLDT to render an “end-to-end network sandbox” of the most up-to-date Private 5G standalone service diagram, which will benefit various enterprises as well as vertical industries relative to their digital use cases.

Open yet secure, the network will offer PLDT leverage to boost the worth of 5G as well as digitalization across the Philippines. Importantly, it will fix concerning issues regarding society’s abrupt pivot to hybrid work setup and the various industries’ delicate reliance on important network infrastructure for productivity.

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