As classes resume in a “new normal” fashion, the need for learning via technology has never been more imperative than it is today. In recognizing this need, PLDT Home is launching the FamLoad Study packages, which provide ample data allowances catered specifically for remote education and access directly to educational materials.

The FamLoad Study packages come in two—FamLoad Study 599 and FamLoad Study 999.

For 15 days, the FamLoad 599 provides a daily allocation of 3GB data (or a total of 45GB data) to give the learning student privileged access to essential learning tools, such as Microsoft Office 365, Canvas, Gabay GuroApp, and NEO. 


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On top of that, the FamLoad 599 promo also provides 12GB of open access data which lets the user tap on other aspects of technology-based learning, such as the ability to chat with classmates, consult with the teacher, etc.

For those finding FamLoad 599 a little too short for their student’s learning demands, they can opt for the bigger promo with FamLoad 999. It offers twice as much total data allocation and longer validity at 90GB or 3GB per day across the span of 30 days.

Subsequently, FamLoad 999 also offers twice bigger of open access data at 24GB, ensuring that the student will have more than sufficient reserves for educative conversations or have meaningful connections in the social media.

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