Slow internet connection has always been the main problem for most Philippine households. And one of the main contributors to that problem is the actual WiFi router itself.

If your router is in a bad location, or if you have a spacious residence — chances are, you may not get the best potential of your internet connection. And that’s what the PLDT Google WiFi Plan is trying to address.


For those who are unfamiliar, Google WiFi is a mesh networking system. This device is usually sold with three units under one package. So you can have each unit placed in different locations of your home to eliminate WiFi dead spots.

What’s more interesting is, it is so easy to set up. You can just download the Google WiFi app on either your Android or iOS device. Fire up the app and follow the step by step instruction on the screen.

And since it uses an app, you can easily access the network’s settings. It has an appealing and foolproof interface — unlike the web interface that conventional routers use. With the app, you can see which devices are connected to the network and the bandwidth that they are consuming.


You can also set a “Priority Device” so the system will make sure that a specific device will receive the bandwidth allocation it needs. For example, you can set your Smart TV as a priority device to eliminate buffering when watching Netflix or Twitch.

The new device is available via PLDT Google WiFi Plan 3799. It comes with three Google WiFi points and unlimited internet access with up to 50Mbps using PLDT’s Fibr connection.

Existing PLDT Home Fibr customers can also get the Google WiFi by adding Php299 (1-piece) or Php799 (3-piece set) to their current subscription service.

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