A PLDT landline telephone comes with pretty much all of its internet plans, even the newer fiber ones. It seems like there’s no getting out of it, aside from unplugging it if you don’t really need it.

Since it’s already part of your plan, you might want to take full advantage of it. You can use your PLDT landine to contact friends or family during internet service interruption. Or, in similar instances, contact PLDT’s customer service for a fix and assistance.

In addition, you can also use it to make long distance calls. Officially called as PLDT Direct Distance Dialing (DDD), you can use your landline to call mobile numbers and make calls outside your area or even international contacts. This is a great lifeline if you’re out of mobile load or internet connection for online messaging apps.



That said, today we’ll show you how you can use your PLDT Long distance calling feature, the rates, how to activate, lock and unlock the feature, and other features.

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How to activate PLDT Long Distance calling?

Visit the Aftersales Request on the PLDT Home Support Page. Click “Activate NDD/IDD”, and complete the web form.

You can also reach them through their hotlines and social media platforms.

How long before my PLDT Long Distance call is activated?

The activation may not need any hardware alteration or the need for a PLDT representative to visit your unit. That said, according to PLDT’s website, the processing and activation time may take 24 to 48 hours upon the issuance of the service order.

How much are the PLDT Long Distance call rates?

PLDT’s Direct Distance Dialing (DDD) allows you to call landline numbers outside your home zone, international numbers, as well as mobile numbers. You can check the rates below.

Type of CallRates
PLDT to PLDT Landline calls within your home zoneFREE
Landline calls outside your home zonePhp5.10 per minute
International CallUSD0.40 (around Php22.31) per minute
Mobile callsPhp14.00 per minute

How to setup PIN on my PLDT long-distance call?

Your default pin is “1234”. To change your code, dial: *85*Present Code*New Code#

How to lock and unlock PLDT long distance call?

Here’s how you can lock and unlock the long-distance call feature of your PLDT landline to prevent anyone from using it which can incur unwanted charges.

  • To lock: *54*Four digit code #
  • To unlock: #54*Four digit code #

How to deactivate PLDT long distance feature?

You can deactivate your PLDT DDD feature by using the myPLDT Smart app available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Once in, tap Help Ticket > AfterSales > Feature Activation > fill out the form and under the remarks, type “Request for deactivation.”

You can also try contacting their 171 hotline number or through @PLDT_Cares on Twitter.

Those are all the things you should know on using your PLDT Landline’s long distance call feature. If you’re having troubles, someone from the team or the community will try to help you out in the comments below.

But if you really don’t want to have a landline connection, you can terminate your PLDT subscription and check other fiber plans available in the Philippines.

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