The third telco player is yet to operate in the Philippines. However, we’re already seeing the benefits of this upcoming competitor in the industry.

With a new contender coming, both Smart Communications and Globe Telecom has started to push improvements harder in their services to remain competitive. And it looks like Smart is taking the lead.

SE Asia Consistent Quality Philippines (Basic)

Based on the report by Tutela, a Canadian crowd-sourced mobile data company, Smart got a score of 91% in ‘Basic’ consistent quality, while Globe comes in at 89.3%.

This basically means that Smart subscribers can access the internet faster in basic activities like checking their emails, browsing the web, and mobile apps like Facebook and WhatsApp.

While the difference in score came close in the ‘Basic’ category, Tutela found a big contrast in the ‘Excellent’ category.

SE Asia Consistent Quality Philippines (Excellent)

Unlike the Basic category, ‘Excellent’ gauges the networks’ performance in terms of more demanding data uses like high-res video streaming and video calling.

With that, Smart Communications scored 48.8%, while Globe’s score is almost half of that as it only got 23.8%.

This study is part of Tutela’s SouthEast Asia State of Mobile Networks report, where the company included countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Tutela used 85 billion network measurements from December 1, 2018, up to Jan 9, 2019.

Of all the 15 network providers in the participating countries, Smart took the 6th top spot. This is great news considering that the Philippines is hailed as the top internet user in the world.

Source: Tutela

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