The Philippines has now beaten Thailand for the position of “world’s top internet user” for 2019 with a whopping 10 hours and 2 minutes of average screen time.

Thailand, with an average of 9 hours and 11 minutes, was the former internet usage index top ranker, just below the Philippines according to a report by HootSuite and We are Social.

South-East Asia (SEA) is one of the globe’s most internet-addicted regions, so it’s no surprise that the top 2 countries would hail from that part of the world. Indonesia is also part of the top 5 with a screen time of 8 hours and 36 minutes.



It’s not only the Southeast Asian countries taking over this list, but as well as Latin American nations such as Brazil and Colombia (ranking 2nd and 4th, respectively). These two regions are developing societies, so we could expect that online usage is pretty much abundant with its people either for entertainment or business purposes.

In fact, 57% of the world’s population now is connected to the internet (with an average of 6.5 hours screen time spent each day), browsing mostly through mobile devices and spending hours on social media.

Speaking of social media, the Philippines also tops in spending cyberspace time on Social Media applications with a screen time of 4 hours and 12 minutes (the average time for social media screen time is 2 hours and 16 minutes).

On the other hand, the internet usage index’s “least internet users” title is handed to Japan, who are spending only 3 hours and 45 minutes of screen time.

What are your thoughts of our country topping the chart this year? Let us know in the comment section below.

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