Two of the country’s dominant names in the internet service, Smart and PLDT, have bolstered their pledge to combat child abuse by blocking an additional 1,000 sites that reference to the matter, bringing to a total list of around 4000 by mid-May.

The milestone achievement comes fresh following PLDT and its supporting company’s formal addition to the UK-based Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) just last month. It’s the organization itself who provided a list of at least 983 websites that play suspect on the violation and comes directly from its own database.

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Still a battle far from over, both PLDT and Smart have stated plans to block a further 600 domains that exhibit over 2,500 child sex abuse materials (CSAM) in the coming weeks and to be made possible via a secure Domain Name System (DNS).

Powering the initiatives to both ISPs is the Cyber Security Operations Center, which is tasked with bringing the struggle against perpetrators at both the domain and network levels.

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  1. PLDT is not only blocking porn sites. They are blocking many sites completely unrelated to porn of any kind. For example, ( a page that releases multilingual translations for popular anime. PLDT is using these laws to remove any and all pages that they want. And conventionally, for PLDT their list of blocked pages is classified. What PLDT is doing is illegal and obstructs freedom of speech. I will be switching to SpaceX’s Starlink as soon as it becomes available in the Philippines. Internet censorship should not be tolerated. The creeps that are abusing the children or are uploading inappropriate content are the ones that need to be punished. Google’s algorithms work extraordinarily well for hiding immoral content and also protect us from ever-changing URLs (something that PLDT will never accomplish).

    1. P.S. the only place I have ever seen child pornography is scrolling down on Facebook. Yet, somehow they remain unblocked…??? I wonder why.

    2. Good luck with Starlink. I’ve never lived anywhere with the line of sight it requires. And anyway, DNS blocking is really primitive. Doesn’t firefox ship with DoH enabled by default now which would just totally circumvent this? I guess it’s a start, as long as it isn’t abused, but CSOC really needs more resources.