Starlink will reportedly cut off subscribers’ internet if they pirate stuff


Being a subscriber to SpaceX’s Starlink, it’s likely that you are in one of the most remote places on the surface of the planet, which kind of elicits a kind of freedom in and of itself. While true, pirating copyrighted contents is not one of them—at least, not according to the ISP’s Acceptable Use Policy.

A would-be pirate in the persona of a Reddit user named “substrate-97” was made a sample of the notion after he attempted to download a movie illegally online, PCMag reports.


More specifically, said user tried to use a certain “CBS show” via a popular peer-to-peer program that is commonplace among true blue pirates on the internet.

While not necessarily an absolutely fool-proof method for not getting detected of activities online, it seems likely that the Redditor has had an attempt at illicitly downloading content online without the use of a VPN.

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  1. Starlink has limited bandwidth to work with. You can be assured they aren’t going to tolerate torrenting. They will tighten restrictions as necessary to keep selling to new subscribers. It’s just business.