5G is yet to hit the mainstream in many countries. However, tech leader South Korea already has a plan to bring the mobile internet to the next level with 6G. What’s the projected timeframe for said breakthrough technology? 2026, it seems.

Although four years is still a long time, this should give enough time for other countries to catch up and adopt 5G into their systems. This early announcement about 6G certainly raises high hopes as it would be a substantial improvement to what’s technically the current best that we’re having.

If you’re connected to a 5G network right now and are streaming at 4K or higher without lag, then you can bet your bottom dollar that 6G would provide a more seamless experience, at least in theory.

As of right now, 6G remains to be at an early development stage, which is said to be at a measly 15 meters data transmission distance. Although, we are still yet unsure as to the other specifics.

Source: Business Korea

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