The National Telecommunications Commission submitted a report to President Rodrigo Duterte revealing that telcos improved their internet services in the Philippines.

This is after the Philippine president asked NTC to check if telcos did improve their internet services after it warned ISPs last July that they may face closure if they didn’t.

Now, the evaluation report was submitted by the NTC last January 11. As per presidential spokesman Harry Roque, they will breakdown the NTC report at another time. However, the report’s outline did show that the Philippines’ internet speeds did improve in the last couple of months.

This backs NTC’s previous report suggesting that internet speeds did improved since President Duterte’s threat.

However, a lot of work still needs to be done to fully up the country’s internet quality. The latest figures from Ookla Global Index show that the Philippines ‘ internet is inferior to other countries. It’s ranked as second to the last in ASEAN markets and 110th globally.

The Philippine government is still pushing a lot of efforts to improve the internet situation in the country. One lawmaker is pushing a bill that will fine telcos up to Php365 million if they fail to meet their speed targets.

Other than speeds, the government is also trying to improve the overall monetary value of internet services. One senator is pushing a Roll-Over Internet Data act, which will end the expiry dates on unused data.

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