Philippine telcos may soon face big penalties if they fail to meet their internet speed targets.

Previous studies reveal that the internet speeds in the Philippines are still among the slowest in the world. A report from Ookla reveals that, although PH’s internet speeds have improved in the last five years, the country still ranked at 110 in mobile and 103 in fixed internet speeds, respectively.

To mend this, Rep. Luis Campos Jr. of Makati City has filed House Bill 7479, which will give telcos extra push to improve their services.

Under the bill, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) can impose a fine of Php1 million per day or Php365 million per year if telco companies have “violated, violating, or those which have failed or are failing… to comply with any order decision or regulation of the commission.”

Campos added that Filipinos deserve faster internet connection as it improves economic productivity, creates jobs, and helps people live a better quality of life.

The said “internet speed targets” will then be set by the NTC every year. They will then have the authority to penalize telcos that will fail to deliver.

As of November 2020, the Philippines’ fixed broadband speeds were up by 28.69Mbps, which is 267.70% faster than the 7.91Mbps average speeds last July 2016. Meanwhile, mobile internet speeds had improved by 148.52% at 18.49Mbps from 7.44Mbps four years ago.

This is just one of the many interventions the government has made to improve the Philippines’ internet services. Just recently, Sen. Gatchalian has also passed a Senate Bill that will end prepaid internet and cellular load expiration dates.

Sen. Lapid also wants to end the expiration dates for unused data allocation.

The DICT is also proposing to impose a Php2 million penalty to telcos that will fail to meet their advertised internet speed.

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