The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has reported an improvement in the Internet services of telcos, including faster Internet speed, for the month of November.

According to the agency’s deputy commissioner, Edgardo Cabarios, the average internet speed has climbed to 28.69Mbps based on data from global analytical firm Ookla. In comparison, the average was 25Mbps in July 2020, which was when President Rodrigo Duterte demanded telcos to shape up or face closure. 

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In addition, Cabarios noted that cell tower permit approval has risen to 600%, with an average of 371 permits approved each month. In 2019, the average number of approved permits was 63.

Cabarios said the government would continue to monitor the progress of the service providers. He also mentioned DITO Telecommunity’s commitment to reach an average of 27Mbps, which will then be used as a benchmark for all ISPs in 2021. 

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