Since we last wrote about an alleged picture of a cheap, plastic iPhone taken right next to the real iPhone 5, more and more juicy rumors have come up with more reasons to believe that a budget iPhone is truly in the works.

Supposed to go around under the moniker “iPhone 5C”, this budget device is still awaiting a formal introduction from Apple.

So far, the rumors point out a couple of things (listed below) about the iPhone 5C, listed below:

  • The handset will come in different colors beyond the standard white and black, although the latter color has yet to surface in leaked pictures. The freedom of choice in case color seems to be the reason for the name iPhone 5C, with the letter standing for “color.”
  • Apple apparently intends to release the device at an affordable price than its high-end models, in order to gain potential market share that’s being eaten away by competing brands.
  • The iPhone 5C is mainly aimed at emerging markets, such as China and India, and therefore expected to support wireless technologies of carriers in these countries.
  • Besides plastic for the chassis, the phone will come with low-end specs for internal components to keep its selling price low.
  • The iPhone 5C is slated for a September release, the same schedule when a new high-end model— the iPhone 5S—is also expected to arrive.
Render by Martin Hajek

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Again, these are just rumors that appear to be true in light of leaked photos and other information. Only Apple can truly confirm their validity. Until the company does such thing, always take the rumors with a grain of salt.

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