Rumors and constant releases of alleged images never stop when it comes to upcoming smartphones, especially when the device being talked about is the next Apple iPhone. That said, we have here photos of what seems to be the low-cost phone designed by the Cupertino company, taken right next to the official iPhone 5.

As with all unconfirmed reports, take the photos with a grain of salt. This plastic-backed iPhone may be yet another cheap knockoff that’s made in China. It’s worthy to point out that a photo showing the front is missing in the batch, which perhaps indicates that this brightly colored device is indeed just a lookalike.

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For all its worth, an inexpensive version of Apple’s premium smartphone is a right move for the company, given that it continues to face tough competition in the mobile market. But it will surely hurt their ‘high-end’ brand as most people choose it for some ‘exclusivity’.


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