Apple is looking into the potential of introducing a pricier iPhone, far more expensive than the current Pro and Pro Max models.

According to Bloomberg, the new iPhone could launch together with the other members of the iPhone 16 series next year.

Back in 2023, Apple analyst Mark Gurman predicted that the Ultra could possibly replace the Pro Max. However, recent developments suggest that Apple could bring it as a more powerful and expensive model.

In Apple’s latest earnings call, Tim Cook hinted that price increases on iPhones are not out of the question. The CEO believes that customers might be willing to pay more, especially if it’s for a better product.

As to what’s going to be in the iPhone Ultra, nothing is confirmed yet but there are speculations floating around. Some of it includes a bigger display, faster CPU, better cameras, and design with no charging port.

Gurman pointed out that Apple is motivating consumers to spend more money by making the new features exclusive to the Pro and Pro Max. That’s what they did with the 120Hz refresh rate on the 13 series and Dynamic Island on the 14 series.

There’s no evidence yet if this is really going to happen, so take everything with a grain of salt for now.

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