An incident involving a house fire blamed after a faulty iPad is putting Apple in hot water in a form of a lawsuit.

As per The Register, the incident took place in the property of Michael Macaluso in Milford, resulting in his insurance company, Allstate Insurance, paying for the damages worth $142,000.

In return, Allstate Insurance hired law firm de Luca Levine to bring the tech giant to court with the intent of getting reimbursement for the payout it made.

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According to the lawsuit, the fire took place because of the iPad’s defective electrical/battery system. The complaint also highlight’s Macaluso’s proper use of his device citing that it hadn’t been “misused, or altered beyond anticipated handling and operation intended by Apple.”

The Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania received the complaint this month and is now advancing to a federal district court located East from the state this week.

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