Apple will replace iPhone 6S batteries with unexpected shutdown issues


Apple has admitted that a number of iPhone 6S has shipped with faulty batteries.

The announcement was made after a Chinese consumer-protection group has complained about the rise in reports of iPhone 6S unexpectedly shutting down even if the battery is still half-filled. In the past, Apple has also replaced the batteries of iPhone 5 that had issues.

A couple of months ago, Samsung also struggled with battery problems on the Galaxy Note 7, which eventually ended up in a worldwide recall.

But this situation is far from the ‘exploding’ batteries of Samsung. Apple is quick to note that it’s not a safety issue, but rather a move to fix faulty batteries.

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Apple said that the iPhone 6S units manufacturerd between September and October last year are affected. However, the company doesn’t want to reveal the exact number of units affected and the range of serial numbers. Instead, they want consumers to have their phones checked and contact Apple or get in touch with authorized dealers and service centers.

They also haven’t revealed how they came up with the conclusion that it’s a battery problem, and they didn’t specify if the units made in those months is from a different supplier than the rest.

In any case, it’s good to see that Apple is owning up to its mistake. Nobody wants a phone that’s shutting down at 28%.

Source: WSJ

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