Looking for a stylus for your iPhone or iPad? Well, you can now enjoy drawing on your iPhone, iPod or iPad with Ozaki O!tool Stylus-R. Yes, you got what you’re looking for and you can fully enjoy your iDevice once more! MSI-ECS, an exclusive Ozaki distributor, brings the O!tool Stylus-R for iPhone and iPad in the Philippines.

Ozaki O!tool Stylus-R

This new stylus is not the old unproductive stylus we once had instead it is easier to use and we will be able to show off our creative and artistic skills right at any iOS device. The stylus has a triangular prism shape and has a unique design which will let you control your strokes and ideas better and accurately. In addition to that, it is very child friendly as it has a durable and replaceable refill tips in order to prolong the life. Thus, it will be giving you a satisfaction guarantee experience for an extended period of time. The users merely need to change the tip and they can now enjoy a brand new feel of the stylus.

Check out the Ozaki O!tool Stylus-R official video below:



  • Comfortable and durable
  • Smoother and more accurate tip
  • Up to 10-color choices
  • Buy 1 get 3 replaceable tips
  • Triangular prism shape design for easy and full control
  • Lightweight

Ozaki O!tool Stylus-R is priced at Php995 in the Philippines and is exclusively distributed by MSI-ECS. At Php995, it will get you the stylus itself and three more replaceable tips packed in. Pretty good deal for an iPad stylus right?

If you have any more questions about the product, you can contact them at marketing@msi-ecs.com.ph or +63-2688-3181.

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