Even though only a few months have passed since the unveiling of the iPhone 5C and 5S, some are already speculating all sorts of innovation that Apple may employ for its next smartphone. How about a wraparound display, ergo an iPhone 6 without bezels?

Such an intriguing idea came from Kazakh designer Iskander Utebayev, who posted a couple of photos on the Behance website. With a wraparound display, several controls—alarm, camera, and music playback—can be repositioned to the side panel. Sadly, implementing this seems rather impractical for the iPhone 6 (since part of the sides have the antenna for reducing dropped calls), but this kind of feature is also reportedly being considered by Samsung for its future Galaxy smartphones.

Bear in mind that given Apple’s secretive nature, there’s no definite word on what breakthroughs are to be found in the official iPhone 6. Reports are suggesting bigger iPhones, though.

[source: Behance]

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