Twitter user “Bosnia LEAKS and RUMORS,” otherwise known as @omegaleaks, has made a tweet citing that the cheapest variant to come off from the iPhone 12 line-up or the LTE version will come at a price tag of $549. The unit is described as an “entry-level, 5.4-inch” device.

If this notion is to be heeded, or if true, it seems that Apple is setting a new approach with its beloved product line-up by selling them in five different price categories.

Not only did @omegaleaks revealed something new, his tweet also seems to corroborate another previous report by Twitter user Jon Prosser who laid out the pricing for the iPhone 12, based on four varieties.

From least expensive to most expensive, the other four variants are going to be priced at $649, $749, $999, and $1,099, respectively.

In light of the revelation, it can be presumed that the iPhone 12 will come in three different sizes, but a total of 5 variants.

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