It’s no doubt that the anticipation for Apple’s up and coming flagship smartphone is high right now, with the device promising new features and specifications that are being cooked up to be the product line’s best yet.

All the hype is even more intensified with the reveal of the concept design of the iPhone 12 Pro, which is a creative product of Devam Jangra as published on ConceptsiPhone YouTube channel.

Not only does the video show the iPhone 12 Pro in all its physical glory, it also briefly highlights other significant aspects of the device. They include the A14 Bionic SoC, 5G capability, LiDAR camera sensor, reverse wireless charging, IP68 rating, Face ID, etc.

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While the video is by no means the finalized blueprint that we can expect when the iPhone 12 officially launches later in November, it does make for a somewhat accurate rendering, based on latest information. 

Moreover, the design displayed on the video also somehow complements the design showcased in the Japanese Mac blog, Macotakara, which highlighted the entire range of iPhone 12 bound for release soon.

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