The highly anticipated successor of the iPhone 4S super smartphone from Apple will be a little late than what everybody has expected. A lot of rumors have been made regarding the hardware that will be used in it and almost everyone has different claims on what they know about it. Recently, an alleged concept design of the new iPhone 5 by Chris Youn was exposed to the public triggering their curiosity.

Many folks say that Apple will probably produce a sneak preview of what iOS 6 can possible offer in the upcoming WWDC in June 2012 while some even say that along with the introduction of the upgraded iOS is the unmasking of the iPhone 5.

But I believe the iPhone 5 will not be released that early. Why? Let me list down some of the possible reasons why it would not be unveiled very soon.

Lack of resources- Qualcomm CEO, Paul Jacobs, stated its struggle to supply enough 28-nanometer chip equipments due to a high demand of iPads these days. Since Qualcomm already made the announcement, it will damage the production of iPhone 5 thus prolonging the process (unless they opt for a different chip).

Adaption of 4G LTE- Even with the rapid growing number of device that uses 4G connection, there were still a lot of countries who doesn’t support it aside from the US and Canada. Hence, it signals a slight halt to give other countries more time.

8-month difference- In the recent Apple releases, they actually have a 1 year difference before they make the release of an upgrade. And if it would be done in June, then it wil break their strategic timeframe.

iPhone 4S users- Apple will not want to dissappoint its customers because this may take the game away from their hands. An upgrade in just a short span of 2 quarters isn’t logically at all. In short, it doesn’t make sense. This idea will only boast a vast amount of unhappy iPhone 4S users which will have all sorts of things to complain about.

To wrap it up, I am not saying these above listed reasons are 100% true but it is just my assumptions regarding on what’s the next move that Apple can probably take. Android‘s quick version updates turned off a huge number of people and this turned them into Apple fanboys. Therefore, I think Apple wouldn’t want to follow Google’s mistake so that they can keep their dominance in the smartphone market by bringing strategic and relevant upgrades.

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