Free Cloud Storage users seems like they have something to celebrate for. Google, the leading search engine in the  world, enters the Cloud Storage craze by the use of Google Drive. It is relatively new but it is something we should already expect long ago remembering how Google evolved and acquired different websites and companies.

Google Drive will be pitted against the popular cloud storages like Microsoft’s Skydrive, Dropbox and Apple’s iCloud. It can also be taken everywhere with the use of different devices just like its rivals. You just have to get an account and all your files will be good to go. The Drive will support both PC and smartphone and they also announced an upcoming app for an iDevice too. What’s even better is that it will give out 5GB of cloud storage for FREE!Yes, you can now have 3GB more space if you’re a dropbox user of just 2GB. Google Drive strategically equals the 5GB offer of its toughest competitor’s iCloud. However, it was 2GB short from Microsoft’s Skydrive.

Here’s the monthly pricing if you want to upgrade.

• 25GB= $2.49 per month
• 100GB= $4.99 per month
• 1TB= $49.99 per month

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