If the sources of Reuters are to be believed, Apple is going to bulk up the iPhone. By next year, the iPhone range may come with 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch models, as well as a cheaper model with a $99 price and option of five to six colors.

The move is considered to be a response to Samsung’s dominance in the smartphone market. In recent years, the Korean tech giant saturated the market with several handsets of different screen sizes and prices, from the cheap, 4-inch Galaxy Ace 3 to the premium, 5.5-inch Galaxy Note 2 phablet. If Apple does decide to release iPhones of different sizes, such move is expected to level the playing field and let the company regain some market share it has lost.

As with all rumors, this information should be approached with skepticism. Just about any kind of speculation springs up whenever a major Apple event is right around the corner or when the company is expected to announce a new iPhone. This year, for instance, Apple is reported to launch two models, one of which is commonly referred to as the iPhone 5S. The other model is expected to be cheaper and encased in a plastic enclosure with five to six 6 color variants to choose from. The premium iPhone 5S is said to come with a new fingerprint technology and sport the traditional black (or white) color.

But don’t ditch your current smartphone just yet, because the plans for these new iPhones are still under consideration. According to one source, Apple “constantly change product specifications almost to the final moment,” which means we can’t verify what the new iPhones are going to be, unless there’s more credible information that gets leaked.

[Source: Reuters]

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  1. They should’ve done this a loong time ago. Ang kaya lang talaga ng mga tao sa developing markets ay yung $100-$250 range lang and more and more people are shifting towards larger screens for better content consumption. No matter how you look at it, 4 inches doesn’t cut it anymore. Nag-e evolve ang taste at demand ng tao, hindi porke’t sabi ni Steve Jobs na ”4 inches is just about the right size ” ay yun na…lol

    BUT having cheaper iPhone models mean that would potentially kill their iPodTouch line…sigurado yan…they have been reluctant to release cheaper iphones because of this ”potential” damage, look at how the iPad Mini did to the Big iPads…now it is inevitable