A new study reveals that Apple is the most popular camera brand in the world thanks to iPhone cameras being so accessible to millions of people.

The study, which was based on the photos uploaded on the image hosting site Flickr, reveals that Apple devices have been the most popular tool used for taking pictures — even beating one of the most popular photography brands in the world: Canon.



In their study, Simpleghar found out that about 151 million of the photos on Flicker were taken using an Apple device. In second place is Canon with 133.8 million while its main rival, Nikon, is at 81.6 million followed by Sony at 43.4 million.

For a closer look, it shows that the most popular camera phone is the iPhone 11 with 13.2 million photos uploaded on Flicker. It’s followed by the iPhone 13 Pro at 11.7 million, the iPhone 13 Pro Max at 11.5 million, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max at 10.9 million.

The top 24 phones are iPhones. An Android device didn’t make it to the list until the 25th spot, which was taken by the Galaxy S21 Ultra with 1.8 million. You can check the full list at the end of this article.

As for the most popular cameras, the list was dominated by the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV at 11.8 million, followed by the Sony A7 III at 9.1 million, the Canon EOS 5D Mark III at 8.6 million, and the Nikon D750 at 7.9 million.


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