If people were surveyed on what smartphone has the best camera in 2020, the likely responses would be the iPhone, or Android handsets from Samsung, Huawei, and other popular brands. However, a blind smartphone camera test begs to differ, as it has shown the ASUS Zenfone 7 Pro as the victor based on public votes.

The test, disclosed as “super unscientific” yet still enlightening, was conducted by the famous tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee. He’s done the same blind test every year for a couple of years already.

In this year’s iteration, among the smartphones included in the test are the usual popular high-end and flagship devices, along with a number of midrange and entry-level units.


The process is simple: each phone is pitted against another by taking the same photo. The people on social media then decide which between pairs of photos is better without knowing the phones that took the photos.

The winning phone then proceeds to the next round. The process goes on until one phone reigns supreme.

Other interesting bits mentioned in the test include the fact that no company has repeatedly won the test so far and that the iPhone has never gotten past the first round.

Watch MKBHD’s video here:

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