After months of rehabilitation, Boracay, one of the finest travel destination in the world, is welcoming the tourist once again with its brand-new look.

ASUS Philippines was generous enough to bring us in the newly opened island for their #PixelMasterBoracay event, where we were able to learn some photography techniques from ASUS’ Pixel Master photographers, and use them to capture the new beauty of Boracay through the lens of the ASUS Zenfone 5Q.


Before we begin, let me give you a quick background about the Zenfone 5Q’s camera. This device has a quad-camera setup, which consists of a 20-megapixel front and 16-megapixel rear cameras. Both shooters are aided with an extra 8-megapixel sensor that has a 120-degree wide-angle lens.

Now, let’s begin with the first batch of photos. While a sunny Boracay is a beautiful Boracay, this island turns in to a golden piece of art at sunset. And to provide a more Instagram-worthy beach vibe, we added some color-grading on some of the photos using Adobe Lightroom CC mobile.

You can check its incredible beauty in the samples below.

As you can see, Boracay is much cleaner than before. The island is now filled with nothing but a bunch of locals playing on the beach, and tourists having the best time of their lives.

Now that we know that the Zenfone 5Q takes pictures at dusk, it didn’t surprise us that it can also take impressive images at noon with much better lighting.

After draining yourself from having fun in the beach, it’s time to refuel up. Thankfully, Boracay Island is filled with restaurants that offers different delicious meals and refreshing drinks. We checked out some of them, and the images below can’t justify how good they are.

Well, that’s it. Props to all of the people involved in rehabilitating this wonderful island. And if you’re planning for your next vacation, now is definitely the best time to visit Boracay.

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