Get 3 months of Spotify Premium for just Php49

Spotify Premium Php49

For those who are still using the free version of Spotify, now’s the best time to upgrade.

It really grinds my gears whenever I hear the Spotify advertisements. It’s long and repetitive, which makes the situation even worse.

Spotify on mobile is free, but it’s limited to six skips per hour and shuffle play. On the other hand, Spotify on desktop can freely choose what song to play but it will be playing advertisements in between songs – not really good to the ears when you’re listening in full blast.

Spotify Premium gets rid of all the annoyances and gives you uninterrupted full access to more than 30 million songs in their library.

It originally costs Php129 for a single user per month, which means you’ll save a total of Php383 in 3 months. But my advice is to get the Spotify Premium for Family plan which is just Php194 per month. Dividing that to six members results to only Php32.33 per month for each user.

Anyway, you can do that after availing this current Php49 Spotify Premium for 3 months offer. Unfortunately, those who already tried premium aren’t allowed to join again this time. Make sure to subscribe quickly as the offer will end on January 1, 2017.

Source: Spotify


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