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Smart Communications, Inc. is launching Smart Video Prime promos for prepaid users. This new offer from the leading telco in the country is targeted to the consumers of the immensely popular on-demand video streaming services.

With Smart Video Prime, prepaid subscribers can get access to iWant TV and iFlix. The promo will also include big data subscription for streaming all-in-one. The new promo aims to provide a massive library of video content that is affordable and ready right at your fingertips.

With iWant TV, you can watch your favorite Teleseryes’ latest episodes within the hour of broadcast. This video platform will not only have the best local content, but it will also feature online exclusives for die-hard fans.

It also lets you catch up with missed episodes from the likes of A Love to Last, Wildflower, MMK and more. It also gives you an inside look of some behind-the-scenes of your favorite local TV shows.

Subscribe to Smart Video Prime

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And for the binge watchers out there, the iFlix is probably the one for you. With iFlix, you can stream top movies and series on-demand.

iFlix lets you watch your favorite Kdramas right on your mobile device. Enjoy titles like Legend of the Blue Sea, Descendants of the Sun, and more. And with its Download and Save feature, you can watch it pretty much anytime and anywhere.

Smart Video Prime iWant TV and iflix

Other than the Korean dramas, iFlix also lets you watch other popular series like Mr. Robot, The Big Bang Theory, Teen Wolf and more. You can also go on a trip down memory lane by watching legacy shows like Friends, The Office, and more. And if you want to reminisce your childhood, Voltes V and other cartoons are also available.

What’s more interesting is, the new Smart Video Prime Promos are relatively affordable. With Video Prime 99, you can enjoy iFlix and iWant TV for 7 days with 2GB of data for streaming. There’s also the Video Prime 299 option with the same access but with a larger 5GB data allocation for streaming valid for 15 days.

To subscribe to Smart Video Prime, you simply have to text Video99 or Video299 and send it to 9999.

To learn more about the promo, visit Smart’s official webpage here.

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