Senior high school students from De La Salle University-DasmariƱas (DLSU-D SHS) successfully developed electricity-generating shoes and pedestrian lanes for their environment-friendly project.

Both research projects use Piezoelectric technology, or the ability of a material to generate an electric charge whenever there is a mechanical pressure.

According to the students, their projects aim to create electricity-generating crosswalks and shoes that are sustainable. They also hope to understand the behavior of pedestrians when crossing the streets.

In the case of the electricity-generating pedestrian crossing project, rubber matts with Piezoelectric technology were placed above the pedestrian lane. Underneath the matts, the students put up devices that generate electricity from pressure. The team tested their prototype along the pedestrian crossing in front of the DLSU-D High School compound.



Meanwhile, the electricity-generating footwear had piezoelectric elements fitted inside it. The science behind the project is simple. The shoes generate electricity whenever a person walks using them. It also serves as a power bank wherein the number of steps equal the energy it has inside.

In addition, the students-researchers claim that the piezoelectric shoes are unique as they added a digital tracker to it. Every time a person uses the shoes, their tracks are monitored.

DLSU-D SHS said that the two research projects are included in their institution-supported projects. The school said that it encourages their students to do create “out-of-box” ways to further their learning.

Source: DLSU-D

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