In light of the “restaurant of the future” which it developed, KFC has announced its goals about lab-producing its chicken nuggets, pioneering what appears to be a controversy in its line of business.

In order to kickstart its plan of serving chicken nuggets from a lab-grown meat, the company is said to be partnering up with a Russian company, 3D Bioprinting Solutions, that will “print” white meat using a combination of plant material and chicken cells.

To replicate the taste of an organically-produced chicken nugget, the company has also stated its position as the provider for essential ingredients, such as breading and spices. The notion being that the said ingredients will “achieve the signature KFC taste.”

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The decision to shift from organic chicken nugget to a lab-grown one apparently has a certain rationale behind it. The environment being its primary cornerstone as derived from a study by the American Environmental Science and Technology that advocates the advantages of growing meat from cells as opposed to the traditional method.

In that note, the first ever bioprinted nuggets will make their appearance in Moscow, Russia this fall. There is no word yet when the product will be served customers. 

Via: The Verge

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