What do you get when you have a popular fastfood restaurant make a game console that could have competed against the likes of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

A prank, of course.

The notion comes from a recently launched ad by no other than KFC itself via Twitter which came with the #PowerYourHunger that depicts an almost convincing presentation suggesting that the food company is venturing to gaming.

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It’s good marketing, for sure. Especially as far as enticing audiences attention to the brand. 

One can also tell that the creative persons behind the advertisement have a very good taste for humor to even come up with it, particularly in light of the recently held big reveal amongst bona fide game console makers, like Sony.

But there is indeed a sense of mystery to the ad when it teased the “11.12.20” date as part of the video campaign. What that entails is still up for interpretation and future revelation—but it is likely not going to be a traditional console we have been seeing.

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