As mobile devices continue to evolve, so are the rumors surrounding them, especially their relation to people’s health. One frequent debate is whether mobile devices can help develop brain tumors or cancers.

Fortunately, a major breakthrough carried out by the Oxford University and published in the Journal of National Cancer Institute shows that regular use of mobile phones does not increase your risk of developing a brain tumor.

This latest study approached the UK Women Million Study. About 776,000 women participants were surveyed in the year 2001 regarding their mobile phone usage; half were surveyed again in the year 2011. These participants were followed-up for over 14 years.

The results revealed that 0.42% of women who used mobile phones developed a brain tumor. However, this does not mean that there is a significant risk between those who frequently use mobile devices and those who never use them.

There are still more studies surrounding the relationship between mobile devices and health. For now, it’s best to take safety precautions when using cellphones, such as avoiding unnecessary exposure as much as possible.

Via: WebMD

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