Displaced due to the ongoing conflict in his hometown in Syria, a refugee has come up with a means to generate electricity using an assortment of soil, water, and vinegar—an ancient technology known in the Middle East.

50-year old Syrian, Mohsen al-Amin, is said to be currently residing at a refugee camp near a Syrian-Turkish border, according to Agence France Press.

In the video below, it shows al-Amin doing his “concoction” by, primarily, filtering soil which he then places in a bottle and, then, subsequently mixed with water and vinegar.

Mohsen al-Amin claims to have thought of the idea of applying his knowledge in the primitive method of generating electricity after finding the dire situation in the camp where electricity, among other things, is sorely missing.

To spread the awareness of how to do the same, al-Amin teaches his child about the method, which is then put to practical usage by way of conductive wires.

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