Mobile operating systems Android and iOS are often compared to each other, with the former typically known for better customization and choice of devices whereas the latter excels in app optimization and seamless ecosystem integration. But when it comes to ease of use and intuitiveness, a recent study claims that Android is the superior choice.

The sustainability-focused smartphone comparison website GreenSmartphones recently published on its blog a usability study that claims Google’s operating system is easier to use than its rival Apple’s iOS.

The study researchers came at this conclusion by analyzing Google searches of Android and iOS users from the United States. They noted the average monthly searches of search terms, such as “how to take a screen recording” and “how to block a number,” and computed the percentage difference between the two operating systems.

According to the researchers, the study interpreted that a fewer search volume for a specific task on an OS means users were able to perform these tasks intuitively. Of the twelve tasks assessed, Android users searched for help on Google less frequently than iPhone users on the following:

  • How to take a screen recording
  • How to block a number
  • How to factory reset
  • How to record a phone call
  • How to set up voicemail
  • How to share location
  • How to delete an app
  • How to transfer photos to a computer
  • How to perform a device update
  • How to perform a device backup

On the other hand, Apple users searched the following terms less frequently than Android users: “how to take a screenshot” and “how to scan a QR code.”

By calculating the total monthly searches on Android and iOS, the study found that iOS receives approximately 58.41% more monthly searches than Android for these basic to intermediate-level tasks. Do more search queries related to iOS tasks mean it is less intuitive? The researchers think so.

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