When you break your iPhone, you typically have no choice other than to bring it to an authorized service provider for repair, the cost of which may be almost the same as buying new. But starting next year, users with broken iPhones can save on repair costs via Apple’s new self-service repair.

By early 2022, Apple will sell repair kits and replacement parts starting in the US, followed by UK and other countries, via an online store. Over 200 parts and tools for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 will be made available online. Many of these parts are for components of iPhones that are serviced most often, such as the display and battery.


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The repair process, however, shouldn’t be seen as an easy DIY project for the inexperienced. Per Apple’s official press release, the self-service repair requires an individual experienced in repairing electronics. The press release also recommends reviewing the repair manual and ensuring the correct parts and tools are ordered.

To encourage recycling, self-service repair customers who return their broken parts will receive credits for future purchases.

After the initial phase, Apple will expand the self-service repair to more devices including its M1-powered Mac computers.

Source: Apple

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