Despite being declared dead multiple times before, the BlackBerry brand was revived and produced multiple smartphones over the past few years. 

When the company shifted its focus to the Android operating system, legacy BlackBerry devices continue to be supported. But that’s only until this week.

Beginning January 4, devices running on BlackBerry 7.1, PlayBook OS 2.1, and BlackBerry 10 (and earlier) operating systems will “no longer reliably function” on telco networks and WiFi. In short, phone calls, text messages, and mobile data will no longer work on phones with the aforementioned software.

If you have any recent BlackBerry smartphone, there’s nothing to worry about. Impacted phones are pretty old, as the last version of BlackBerry 10 was released way back in 2013.

To know more about it, check out the official BlackBerry FAQ page with details on its services and the end of life of devices.

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