Battery of 8.16

In two years, users will no longer have to wait for too long just to fully charge their mobile devices. Battery technology has made a breakthrough: getting the battery charged to 70 percent in just two minutes.

Credit for this important discovery goes to a team of researchers at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. The new battery is still made of the same lithium ion that’s commonly found in today’s mobile device. However, the researchers managed to swap the usual graphite anode with their newly developed gel material out of titanium dioxide nanotubes.

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The nanotubes allows for a faster travel rate for electrons and ions. They also provide a bigger energy storage and make the battery more long-lasting. Whereas the traditional lithium ion batteries only have about 500 recharge cycles or up to three years of typical use, the new battery can take up to 10,000 recharges. That’s 20 years of typical use before the battery needs to be replaced.

Fast battery charging is one of the most sought-after mobile features. Once it comes to fruition and available for the public, the new battery will certainly introduce major changes in the mobile space. It will also be valuable in other markets, such as electric cars.

[Via ScienceAlert]

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  1. ano bayan daming breakthorugh break through tapos hindi pa available sa market, REASON: Still under the process of PATENT, naks naman nak ng tokwa ang tagal ba naman , TAGAL ba naman ma process…..