When the smartphone world thinks Pablo Escobar Fold 1 would be the last, the notorious Colombian’s brother decided to release Pablo Escobar Fold 2. What’s more, it’s said to be set to ‘kill’ the Samsung line of products.

The Escobar Fold 2, following its precedent, is a folding phone conceived by the drug kingpin’s biological brother, Roberto De Jesus Escobar-Gaviria. According to an official press release, the new phone was perceived to be designed in the U. S. then assembled in Hong Kong. Its parts were coming from Shenzen, China.

Given the Escobar Fold 2 is similar to the previous Fold 1, the speculations do not really differ from one another. First, it features an Android 10 operating powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and is equipped with a 4,380mAh battery. Both phones follow the 7.3-inch main display. If you wanted to spot the difference between the Fold 1 and 2, the Pablo Escobar Fold 2 only has five cameras, one cut short from the Fold 1’s six.


However, what looks odd is how it seems like a rip-off of last year’s Samsung Galaxy Fold. Only, the phones produced by Pablo Escobar Inc. has their logo pasted on it. Moreover, the phone is priced at a cheap USD399. Even the slightly expensive 512GB version of the Fold 2 is priced at just USD549.

The Escobar Fold 2 looks exactly like Samsung’s Galaxy Fold because it is a result from a deal cut with Chinese factories which produces the Samsung’s device.

Chief Executive Officer of Escobar Inc., Olof Gustafsson, also states that they are striving to become a comprehensive technology company this 2020 and to expand internationally. The Escobar Fold 2 has undergone “rigorous testing” with a limited production of only 200,000 units.

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