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If you’re a parent who worries too much about your children’s activities online, fear no more: Messenger Kids just updated their services towards a better, safer platform for young people.

The Facebook update is a response to a flaw acknowledged by the social network company which allowed thousands of users to join group chats without the parents’ approval.

Now, there is a Parent Dashboard feature which will show parents who their children are communicating with, and how often do they converse. Part of this dashboard will be the ability to double check photos and/or videos uploaded in the chat box. This means parents has the power to intervene whenever things get inappropriate, allowing them to block those photos and/or videos.



On top of that, parents also have access to their children’s recent contacts and chat history, a log of images sent during conversations, as well as people their children blocked (or unblocked). They should be able to receive a notification whenever a child blocks or reports someone. Did we mention parents can also have the power to log-out their children from the app anytime?



Messenger Kids has actually been around since 2017. It’s goal was to create a platform for child-friendly conversations particularly those under the age of 13. This was then controlled via the parents’ Facebook accounts.

Now, Messenger Kids also included a “kid-appropriate language” to easily explain to children that their information is used and shared whenever they use the application.

However, be aware that current existing protections—like not using children’s data from the app for advertisement purposes—will remain intact.

Parents will be given at least 90 days to go over the privacy policy before accepting. The company also encourages the adults to view the updates with their children.

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