If the type of device one uses influences his chances of finding a mate in dating apps, it is likely that those who use Apple’s products would find better results than those who use either Android or Blackberry.

The idea is derived from a study by CompareByMobile whose finding correlates the relationship between the type of device that a person uses and the chances of him finding a match.

If the idea cannot get any obvious, it pertains to people’s perception towards branding who see both Android and Blackberry platforms as “less classy.”


Worse offender still is Blackberry whose impression dramatically increases aversion over its users. While the BlackBerry brand may have its strong impression as a feature phone, it is worth noting that the same manufacturer had subsequent entry into the smartphone business. 

Surprisingly, Samsung users are seen with positive regards by the public, influencing positive swipes by 19%. But not the same can be said for both Google Pixel and OnePlus phone users who get infamy among dating app users, causing a drop of positive swipes by 10% and 30%, respectively.

To get the most success in dating apps, therefore, the study claims that being an iPhone user alone could boost those chances by a large percentage—76%. Which, if paired with the likes of Apple Watch and AirPods, could augment it by a significant more.

Via: Android Authority

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