Cherry Home and Deerma, in collaboration with one another, had just launched a product that will keep our footwear to be the least of places where germs grow—the HX10 Anti-bac Shoe Dryer.

Adding to Cherry Home’s expanding array of useful and smart products, the HX10 Anti-bac Shoe Dryer is designed especially for shoes which specifically targets both bacteria and fungi. 

Considering the diversity among shoes, the HX10 is also built with versatility in mind, able to switch between four different drying modes, depending on the type. It’s intelligent thermoregulation capability also ensures that the procedure is never too hot and therefore offset possible harm on the shoe. 


Furthermore, an especially formulated Ozone care feature also acts as maintenance, potentially prolonging the lifespan of the footgear through subsequent use.

By adhering to a U-shaped schematic, the HX10 Anti-bac Shoe Dryer is capable of servicing a pair of shoes at the same time. Its 27-centimeter long, flexible, and retractable hose allows for the right reach for both cleaning and drying, regardless of the size and shape of the shoe.

The Cherry Home X Deerma HX10 Anti-bac Shoe Dryer is currently available at Lazada for Php2,990.

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